Making Home Homey, Part 1

Last month, we moved to a new apartment!  I can't even express my excitement about this, because it's so much nicer and better suited for us than our last apartment.  Having windows in every room makes a world of difference.  Because the new space was so different from the old one, we made a lot of changes.  Furniture that was once in the bedroom became living room furniture, and so on.  I took this opportunity to unleash all the "homey" knitting ideas I had seen in the past couple years, and went crazy making my own housewarming gifts.  Here they are, with links to the patterns.

Living Room


Unfortunately, I don't have a pattern link for this beautiful afghan, since it was a wedding gift from a very sweet lady, who I'm sure didn't find the pattern online.


Mandala Rug

I made this rug out of my dad's old t-shirts!  I couldn't see the point in paying for t-shirt yarn when I could make it myself.



Purl Bee Set-of-Three Pot Holders

These pot holders were so quick and easy to make, but I really love them!


Purl Bee Slip Stitch Dish Towels

Surprisingly, this was my first time using the slip stitch technique.  It's amazing how simple it is to create interesting patterns using the slip stitch.

I made the two towels above with hanging loops, for wiping hands dry after washing dishes (and just for looking at).  The blue and cream towel to the right is a little bigger, but without a loop, for laying on the counter to let dishes drip dry on.


I made this valance using the pattern from the dish towels above, but with the appropriate dimensions to fit the window, and with much larger needles (US 11).  I added a plain stockinette sleeve to the top for the curtain rod.  I crocheted around the two sides and the bottom, and added a scalloped trip to the bottom for a finished look. 

I probably should have made it a little wider, but that's the risk I took when I chose not to gauge. 

Not worth ripping in my opinion.