Christmas is for Children

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas!  Especially in here in New York City, the lights and decorations make the cold outdoors seem warm and inviting...

...but who has more fun on Christmas than the children (and their parents)? 

Regan and Anabel


These adorable girls have been muses to my knit and crochet ideas this year.  First, I was commissioned by their mom Bridget (a friend and coworker) to make their Halloween costumes.  They turned out much better than I initially expected and got my creative juices flowing for sure.


Next, Bridget showed me a picture of some hats she liked, so I came up with something similar for her girls.  I made these using Intarsia, but in hindsight, it would be more efficient to use duplicate stitch for the names.  I imagine these would also be cute with just a monogram and a pom-pom on top.  I used my Caron Embelish-Knit! to quickly make the nice i-cord ties.


Jones Family Christmas

I'm staying home for a quiet Christmas with my husband this year, but the child in me has already watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf along with the first five Harry Potter movies, Four Christmases, Christmas with the Kranks, and Happy Christmas.

We Have our tiny Christmas tree set up in the living room, and I'm taking advantage of our new Christmas Stockings as well, although they still need ends woven in and to be blocked.  I should mention that ALL of those gifts are from our overly generous family.  We'll be skyping with them later today.


Merry Christmas, everyone!