Eweknit's first KAL

It's April 1st, which means its time to cast on for our first Knit Along.  If you're just hearing about this, it's not too late to join.  The pattern we're using is Stephen West's Syncopation Adoration Cowl, which is a great project for people new to brioche knitting.  We will be sharing our progress on social media with #eweknitkal2016.  If you're not social media savvy, you can e-mail me pictures of your progress and I'll post for you!  I'll also be sharing progress pictures right here.

A couple notes for those of us using the Frabjous Fibers kits I put together:

  • Since this is sport weight instead of DK, we'll want to use smaller needles.  Use your own judgement here, but US size 7 will likely be too loose with this yarn.
  • Since we have 5 colors instead of 7, we'll have 5 stripes.  I've done the math with the yardage we're working with, and we should be getting 11 rows of each stripe (instead of 10).  Our cowl will be more petite than Stephen's.  We will have yarn leftover from our gradient kit, but I've calculated this row number to make sure we don't run out of our main color (because keep in mind that it's also used for the cast on and bind off.)  The leftovers could be great used as stripes in some gloves or a hat perhaps.

If you're using your own yarn, you can follow the pattern or make your own modifications.  Remember, we are not knitting machines, we are makers.  We own this.

The first thing you'll see when you look at this pattern is a very long i-cord cast on.  I've put together some instructional videos about making an i-cord and picking up the stitches, but also about the i-cord cast on, which could be used instead.  Choose "Tutorials" from the navigation above to see these videos and decide which method is better for you.  I've also included my tip about keeping track of how many stitches you've cast on, especially when you have quite a large number of stitches.

Let's get going, and the first assignment is to send me a picture of your completed i-cord cast on, letting me know which method you chose to use.