Summer of Shawls

I hadn't planned it, but this has become the summer of shawls for me.  It started when I saw Stephen West's Yarn Along.  Basically you purchase the package to join at the beginning of summer and he mails you the yarn and pattern each month from June through August.  The yarn and pattern are both a mystery.  I have really enjoyed making his patterns in the past, so I decided to take the leap of faith and join.  I was so excited to receive the first box from him, which included Walk Collection yarn in some unexpected colors.  The yarn is really lovely.  It's a single ply that's in between a lace and fingering weight.  Definitely the finest yarn I've used aside from some silk mohair held together with another strand of something.  The pattern, which is called Sedimentary, reminds me a lot of the dotted ray shawl I'm currently working on in that it's comprised of sections that are formed with his "short cut rows."  These are short rows that don't involve any wrap and turn and that will be followed by a row with yarn overs, making the ends of the short rows into eyelet holes.  Sedimentary's sections are irregular which I'm sure has something to do with the shawl's name.  This one has been on hold for a bit, but I need to catch up before I get the next pattern, which will be very soon.

I was also asked by one of my mom's friends if I could make her a shawl.  She requested a medium rose pink color and chose the pattern based on some options I sent her.  I went with Madelinetosh Sock in Posy for this and the pattern is called Lionberry, available on Ravelry.

I rarely knit from lace charts, so I was pleased with how it turned out and how fun it actually was to make.  I did modify the edge a little, but didn't write down the specifics.  I used my Knitter's Pride blockers, which I like a lot, although my blocking method is far from precise, as you can see.

I had also planned to make a shawl for my grandmother's birthday with some yarn I found at A Yarn Crossing in Louisville, KY in early June.  For her, I settled on the Cassis Shawlette.  I enjoyed the way this shawl came together, with the creation of the edging first, then picking up stitches and decreasing as you approach the top of the shawl.  It was a quick, fun knit.

Next, I finally felt motivated to work on my own shawl design, using these beauties.  I worked on it during my visit with my family at the beach in Maine.  The Yarn is Molly Girl Diva (the glittery one) and Plymouth Happy Feet 100 Splash.  I purchased both of these during my Meetup group's May field trip to Boston at Stitch House Dorchester.

While at the beach, I noticed on instagram that a bunch of people were planning to do a KAL starting July 1st for the Dotted Rays Shawl (another Westknits design).  I've loved seeing these online, so decided (despite all the shawls in progress) to cast on for that as soon as I got home to my stash.  I gathered up nearly all my single ply skinny yarns and off I went.  This pattern is so fun to make... and I'm seeing that lots of people feel that way.  It's also a great stash buster.  I really went out of my comfort zone for this one, choosing colors that I don't really think go well together.  I saw everyone else doing it and liked how their shawls turned out... so yeah, I followed them off that bridge.  Will let you know how I feel about it when it's finished, which will hopefully be soon!